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The Cassandra Curse

An art exhibit. A midnight stroll along the Brooklyn Promenade. Footsteps behind you. Then brutal pain and darkness.

Most portrait painters see just your face. Certain artists see far more. In Sallie Bissell’s riveting The Cassandra Curse, Augusta Delaney discovers her artwork can reveal more than just her subject’s physical appearance. With a newfound ability to see into the depths of a person’s soul, she is thrust into a dangerous world of secrets, lust, and murder. Searching for answers about her twin brother Jules, who vanished the night of the attack, Augusta becomes increasingly haunted by the eerie message whispered to her by their assailants. Could those sinister words be connected to Jules’ disappearance? With the help of her uncanny artistic abilities and a determination to find her missing brother, Augusta navigates a treacherous labyrinth of deception and danger.

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From Literary Titan (Five stars):
“Bissell’s storytelling acumen shines as she deftly weaves a tale that propels readers on an exhilarating expedition through the dimly lit byways of New York…With a masterful blend of mystery, intrigue and suspense, the narrative dances on the precipice, compelling readers to remain perched on the edge of their seats. The Cassandra Curse is a suspense-laden masterpiece…”

The Mary Crow Adventures

Sallie has re-issued the entire Mary Crow series.

These collectors edition titles have new material added and have been re-edited by the author.  All feature new covers as well.


In the Forest of Harm

A Darker Justice

Call the Devil by

His Oldest Name

Legacy of Masks

Music of Ghosts

Deadliest of Sins

Judgement of Whispers

White Trees Crimson Snow

About sallie

I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, having the good fortune to be raised in a multi-generational family of Southern story-tellers and book readers. In the second grade, I wrote a prize-winning essay about my Chihuahua, Mathilda, and my writing career was launched. My parents gave me a typewriter for Christmas, and I began to churn out one-page mysteries…


Q. You seem like such a nice Southern lady. Where do you come up with all the terrible things you write about?

First off, thank you! I’m delighted that people find me so genteel–my mother would be proud! I am southern, and I try to be nice, but what I am personally has little to do with the stories I tell.


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